Recognition of Equivalence (Decree No. 71)

The ‘Piccole Orme’ preschool is recognized as Paritaria since 2004 by Decree No. 71 / M by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. It is characterized as a public service, meeting the general education standards.

The school is in of all the documents necessary for its operation. The school implements all applicable laws for the health and safety of staff and students. Sustained security measures are carried out with regular structural interventions and maintenance of spaces, buildings, and facilities.
The fulfillment of the requirements laid down by decree law 626/94 and subsequent amendments are carried out.
The school is in possession of the requird risk assessment documentation, the technical report and the emergency prevention and management plan. The school staff also participated in training courses for first aid and prevention and protection as well as for the training of food hygiene activities (pursuant to the decree of the Campania Region No. 46 of February 23, 2005).
The schools holds the required documentation for acoustic measurement and environmental monitoring.
The educational and didactic action of the “Piccole Orme” preschool is characterized by the following general guidelines:

• High quality of the scholastic plan;
• Promotion of any initiative that enriches the educational offer to pupils;
• Closer harmonization between family and school educational tasks;
• Equality, impartiality and regularity of the school service.