Our Premises – La Villa Piccole Orme

The Villa Piccole Orme stretches over two levels for a total inside surface area of 250 m2, in order to allow each child to discover his or her own personal space in harmony with others. The outdoor grounds, about 500 m2, is equipped with a playground and a small garden and fruit tree orchard.

During the renovation of the building, there has been an attempt to comply with bioarchitecture or bio-building, the evolving science of building and designing in the respect of nature and people. In this manner traditional and healthy materials such as bricks, raw earth and natural stones have been used. The paints and paintings used are free of chemical solvents and therefore always non-toxic. We use preimmenately green tones, which is the color that most expresses expresses hope and joy and simultaneously opens and creates a bright, pleasant, loving and symphonic environment. We started from the assumption that the school environment must be desaturated to leave room for the true color actors: the children and their work. As secondary and tertiary colors, we selected those with low saturation color range that is not reduced to red, yellow and blue, but more complex as the child’s identity is more complex.

On our premises, all electric wires are shielded and voltage disconnectors to not create electromagnetic fields. Hygroscopic materials have been used to provide a proper and natural moisture regulation in environments.
The exterior walls are able to filter agents of the atmosphere and neutralize them because the building materials used are absorbent. The premises are in harmonious proportions, shapes and colors, which follow the latest EEC safety guidelines.

The “Piccole Orme” school building has been completely renovated in 2000, with annual refreshers and it is standard for security and is surrounded by a garden planted and equipped with outdoor games.

  • The inside of the school is structred as follows:
  • an entrance – locker room
  • a multi-purpose salon
  • an office
  • a games room
  • two baths for children (divided by males and females)
  • a hygienic service for the disabled
  • a sanitary service for the staff
  • a kitchen
  • a pantry
  • a sanitary service for the kitchen staff
  • two storage rooms
  • an outdoor area, which is partially covered.